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  • Prepare the budget with executive board input and approval. 

  • Maintain PTA financial records, managing and reconciling bank accounts. 

  • Coordinate new bank signatures, as needed.

  • Write checks at least weekly, sometimes more often if urgent.

  • Provide financial reports for each PTA meeting.  

  • Prepare necessary documentation for annual audits.

  • Provide annual IRS tax return information to professional tax accountant and file tax returns and other regulatory filings.

  • Complete and submit reports and forms as required by State and Local PTA.

  • Assist PTA chairs in money management and reporting.

  • Archive the financial records after year-end and tax return filed.

  • Maintain and update, as needed, the Finance folder on shared drive to ensure successful transitions in the future.

  • Fulfill the other duties outlined in the PTA Bylaws.

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