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  • Work closely with the Principal, PTA board members, and parents to organize and lead PTA activities throughout the school year.  

  • Determine, with the PTA Board, the strategic and tactical goals of the PTA and work to achieve the goals during the school year.  

  • Administer the PTA according to its Bylaws, overseeing the PTA budget and alignment of the budget to PTA goals.

  • Help communicate PTA programs and events to the school and district community.

  • Represent Norcrest Elementary PTA at school meetings, district forums and with all external communications regarding the PTA.  

  • Evaluate PTA programs and be willing to introduce new programs that foster a strong rapport and relationship with teachers, staff and students to promote a wonderful learning environment for Norcrest Elementary.  

  • The President also fosters relationships with the families at our school by introducing new programs that inspire and enrich family life and community.

  • Attend monthly PTA Council meetings and run monthly executive and general session meetings.  

  • Meet with the Principal, as needed.  

  • Review and approve all written materials produced by PTA, including the Yearbook.

  • Meet with the board-elect to set goals and prioritize projects.  

  • Help recruit committee chairs and committee members, working to achieve a balance of experienced and new members, and trying to obtain representation for all areas and grades within the community.  

  • Ratify the appointment of all committee chairs so they can begin planning their activities.

  • Be ready to jump in and help on all major PTA events, such as Field Day, Winter Wonderland, Bingo Bash and Kindergarten Round Up.

  • Maintain and update the PTA shared drive to ensure successful transitions in the future.

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