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Seeking 2024-25 PTA Board Members

2024-25 PTA Elections are here!

The PTA Nominating Committee is looking for parent volunteers to serve on the 2024-25 PTA leadership team. Please consider stepping up for this!  It’s a fulfilling way to be of service to your community, to help plan memorable events, to meet other parents, and to share your ideas and talents with the school.

Elections will be held Tuesday, May 21 @ 5:45 p.m. during our regularly-scheduled PTA meeting.

Open Positions 

The Norcrest Elementary PTA is currently accepting nominees for next year’s leadership team. At present, there are no set candidates lined up for the following positions, so we really need new volunteers to run for these! Please click on the position to read the full job description:

Vice President

Recording Secretary

Communications Coordinator

Volunteer Coordinator

Fundraising Coordinator

We already have candidates willing to serve in the following positions next year, though these positions remain open to additional candidates.  Anyone is welcome to submit their name for nomination to any position.



Events Coordinator

How to Get Involved

All nominees must be current members of the Norcrest Elementary PTA (membership available here, though it was also included in the Annual Ask at the start of the year). With the exception of the treasurer, officers shall assume their official duties following the end of the school year and shall serve for a term of one year or until their successors are elected. The treasurer shall assume all duties after the books have been audited.  A PTA officer should be available to attend two PTA meetings a month, be willing to spend time organizing projects between meetings (as needed), exhibit enthusiasm for PTA service, and adhere to the basic policies of PTA.

Email us here if you are interested in one of these positions on the Norcrest Elementary PTA leadership team.

Key Election Dates

Elections: Tuesday, May 21 @ 5:45 p.m.
Board Announced: Tuesday, May 21

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