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Fundraising Coordinator

  • Ensure the PTA adopts strategies and events to meet annual fundraising need.

  • Oversee the development and implementation of PTA-sponsored fundraising events and programs, including: the Annual Bingo Bash, book fair, passive shopping programs and spiritwear. Note, each event and program has its own Chair and Committee, so it will not fall to the Fundraising Chair to do all of these things single-handedly!  

  • Coordinate with event chairs to discuss event theme, date, budget, income estimations and objectives.

  • Evaluate past events, both financially and in terms of attendance, considering ways to make events and programs successful and community-oriented.

  • Meet with the Principal, President and outgoing event chairs to determine the objectives, themes, venues and income estimate of fundraising events.

  • Monitor fundraising stats against budget goals, reporting on progress at each PTA meeting until goals are met.

  • Attend fundraising event planning meetings to stay informed of planning and decisions for each event, communicating to the President and PTA board as needed.

  • Ensure critical decisions, particularly those impacting income or expense and/or changes from prior years, are pre-approved by the President and Principal.

  • Attend monthly PTA general and executive board meetings and provide updates.

  • Ensure that all committee chairs have access to information needed to plan successful events and programs.

  • Maintain and update the PTA shared drive to ensure successful transitions in the future.

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