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Elite Force Martial Arts and the Norcrest PTA are teaming up to raise money for our school!

Elite Force is offering 6 WEEKS of Martial Arts Training, a total of 12 classes, for $99
this includes a free uniform donated by EFMA

Classes run from March 27th to May 6th (2 classes per week - 12 classes total,
all make-up classes must be made up in the 6-week program).

All classes will be held at the Lighthouse Point dojo
(4754 North Federal Highway, Lighthouse Point 33064).

The orientation class will be held on Saturday, March 25th from 12:00 - 12:30.
During the orientation the students will get their uniforms,
get a tour of the school,
and do a basic martial arts lesson to set them up for success in the 6-week program.

Registration is now OPEN for students, parents and faculty.
Please register before the class date.  See below for more information including class schedules.  

These are high energy classes full of positive reinforcement!


Additional information:  from Shihan Craig Haley of Elite Force:

The kids can attend class any 2 days per week. With that said, we recommend that they create a consistent schedule. Consistency is the key to success in anything, and that is certainly the case with Martial Arts.


We also understand that things come up with kids, so if your days have to change, that is AOK with us.


We just want them here 2 days per week, so they make consistent progress.


The classes for the 4-6 year olds are 30 minutes. The classes for the older kids are 45 minutes.


Have a great day!


Shihan Craig Haley

Elite Force Martial Arts - Lighthouse Point

(954) 785-1348


Telephone: 954.785.1348

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