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South Loop Car Riders
NE 39 Street and NE 16 Terrace
This loop is for Prek, Kindergarten and our Special Programs Students and their siblings ONLY both for drop off and pick up in the afternoon.


South Side Walkers
Students coming from the surrounding neighborhoods are permitted to walk through the south gate for entrance and exit.  For the safety of all the student, parents are not permitted to drop off their child by vehicle outside the south gate.  


North Side Buses

This side is used for Buses ONLY.  Students cannot enter or leave the North Side and should not be driven to the North side and then let out to walk through the gate.  THIS IS NOT A DROP OFF AREA.  Students are not to be picked up by vehicle along NE 17 Avenue or surrounding streets, streets are posted with signs "No Parking, Standing or Stopping 7 am - 3 pm.  These signs will be enforced.

West Side Car Riders
All other students not specified (Grades 1 - 5) will use the West Side Loop for drop off and pick up.  Please stay in your vehicle during drop off and pick up.   If you are picking you child up anywhere but in the car line please enter the school office and someone for call for your child to come to the office.

West Side Walkers Students coming from the surrounding neighborhoods are permitted to walk through the West gate for entrance and exit.  If you meeting you child in the afternoon for pick up please meet your child at the West side gate.  Do not walk up to the front of the school, it is very congested and for the safety of everyone we do not want students crossing over the traffic or being distracted.  


Signing your Child out Early

Please remember if you wish to sign your child out early you must do so prior to 1:30 pm.  (of course they are always emergencies)

Also please make sure the person signing out your child is on your approved list of persons and they have the proper ID with them.  Your Child's safety is our NUMBER ONE priority.

Pick up and Dismissal 

Safety Procedures 

Please always remember to set a good example for those in our community by obeying the posted School Zone Speed signs. 

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